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November 2021

  • CVM warns publicly held company’s officer for irregularities in the management of Stock Option Plan
  • Understanding Shareholders’ Agreements and binding managers’ votes
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October 2021

  • CVM Resolution 44 issued in August 2021 replaces CVM Instruction No. 358/2002
  • Understanding Shareholders’ Agreements: Voting Rights
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September 2021

  • Amendments related to companies’ management in the Brazilian Corporation Law carried out in 2021
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August 2021

  • The Family Business System’s Circles: Ownership, Family and Business.
  • Brazilian Chamber of Deputies approves multiple voting shares through the Provisional Measure for the Improvement of the Business Environment, which proceeds to presidential approval
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July 2021

  • Family Businesses – Corporate Governance beyond Compliance
  • Family Businesses – Family Holdings
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May 2021

  • Decision of the Superior Court of Justice points out the necessary formalities for the transfer of shares in a privately held company
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April 2021

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March 2021

  • Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission publishes Circular Letter with general orientations regarding the rules and procedures that must be observed by publicly held corporations
  • Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission refuses term of commitment with company’s controlling shareholders and managers in proceeding regarding the approval of their own accounts and compensation
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February 2021

  • Ordinary Shareholders’ Meetings and quotaholders’ annual meetings
  • Brazilian Investment Offshore – Deadline for presenting the Annual Declaration of Brazilian Capital Abroad – DCBE 2021 before the Brazilian Central Bank
  • Foreign Investment in Brazil – Deadline for presenting the financial and economic statement before the Brazilian Central Bank before the Brazilian Central Bank
  • Publication of Normative Instruction DREI/SGD/ME No. 82 regarding digital books
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January 2021

  • Brazilian Chamber of Representatives approves Legal Landmark for Startups
  • Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission accepts term of commitment with Company’s Investor Relations Officer after inadequate disclosure of information
  • Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission decides on the concept of management compensation for corporate purposes and the disclosure of related information
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