CVM acquits defendants accused of fraud in transaction to acquire control of a publicly held company
Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) amends points of CVM Resolution No. 175
CVM proposes reform in the rules and procedures of shareholders' general meeting
CVM publishes Guidance Opinion on Soccer Corporations (SAF)
Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission study discusses the exemption from mandatory fiscal council in small and medium-sized companies
Highlights of the proposal to amend the Brazilian Corporate Law
Change in jurisprudence on the exclusion of partners in limited liability companies
Ordinary Shareholders’ Meetings and Quotaholders’ annual meetings
CVM discloses annual letter with general guidelines on procedures to be observed by listed companies
CVM Resolution introduces new rules for investment funds
CVM changes its position regarding votes in conflict-of-interests
CVM publishes guidance opinion consolidating its understandings about crypto assets and explaining the scope of its regulation