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October 2020

  • CVM holds public hearing regarding insider trading
  • CVM condemns publicly-held company’s managers for irregularities in capital increase
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September 2020

  • Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission fines managers for using assets of publicly held company for private purposes
  • Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission judges proceeding regarding the disclosure of guidance
  • São Paulo’s Board of Trade regulates the use of electronic signatures in corporate acts
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August 2020

  • Brazilian National Department of Business Registration issues Circular Letter regarding electronic signatures
  • Bill proposes the issuance of debentures by limited liability companies and cooperatives
  • STF decides to maintain ITBI assessment on real estate’s contributions regarding the amount exceeding the capital to be paid up
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July 2020

  • CVM publishes Instruction reducing the minimum percentages of corporate interest required for filing lawsuits and exercise of related rights
  • Publicly-held company is forced to provide list of its shareholders for purposes of the filing of a management liability lawsuit
  • CVM acquits officer accused of insider trading for lack of intention to obtain undue advantage
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June 2020

  • Covid-19: Law regarding private legal relations in the pandemic period published
  • Brazilian Department of Business Registration edits Normative Instruction which improves registrations before Boards of Trade
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May 2020

  • Board of Trade of the State of São Paulo resumes its activities
  • Digital Shareholders’ Meetings during COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission regulates debenture holders’ meetings
  • Decree No.10.278/2020 establishes techniques and requirements for scanning public or private documents
  • Resolution No. 55/2020 simplifies the opening of startups under the Inova Simples regime
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April 2020

  • Publication of Normative Instruction DREI Nr. 76, dated March 9, 2020, regarding procedures to be adopted by Boards of Trade for preventing money laundering and terrorism financing
  • Publication of Provisional Measure Nr. 931/20 and Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission Resolution Nr. 849/20
  • MAC clauses (material adverse effect) in M&A agreements and the coronavirus crisis
  • Legal possibilities for deferral and retention of dividends
  • Breach of contract and force majeure in pandemic times
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March 2020

  • Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission and the impacts of the Coronavirus on publicly-held corporations
  • Anticipation of adaptation to the new rules related to the Board of Directors of publicly-held corporations listed at Novo Mercado
  • Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission releases Circular Letter with general guidelines for publicly-held corporations
  • Brazilian Central Bank simplifies approval of foreign investment in financial institutions based in Brazil
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February 2020

  • Securities and Exchange Commission judges procedures involving violation of fiduciary duty
  • Ordinary Shareholders’ Meetings and quotaholders’ annual meetings
  • Brazilian Investment Offshore – Deadline for presenting the Annual Declaration of Brazilian Capital Abroad – DCBE 2020 before the Brazilian Central Bank
  • Foreign Investment in Brazil – Deadline for presenting the financial and economic statement before the Brazilian Central Bank before the Brazilian Central Bank
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January 2020

  • Provisional Measure No. 892 regarding publications ordered by the Brazilian Corporate Law loses its effectiveness;
  • Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission amends Instruction No. 361 regarding tender offers.
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